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Real coaches. On site or virtually.


Life coaching consultations


individual topics from mental health to career, sports and much more.


Permanently employed coaches with additional specialized training

all situations

1:1 Coachings in all life situations

  • Systemic solution-oriented consulting
  • For executives and employees
  • Private, professional and health issues
  • 24/7 expert team available
group coachings

Group Coachings

  • Expert-moderated group sessions (usually 3x90 min.)
  • Peer-to-peer exchange for even more knowledge sharing
  • Cross-company participation for more anonymity and "out of the bubble" gain
  • Numerous dates throughout the year with high variety of topics
executive coaching

Executives Coachings

  • By Leaders for Leaders for More Hands-On Solutions
  • Preparation for Young Leaders
  • Career Coaching
  • Soft-skill support for team communication, conflict talks, change, etc..

Tested quality

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Empower your people - invest in mind!

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Head of Sales, Dennis Lehmann

Head of Sales, Dennis Lehmann


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mindance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the pioneer and for 30 years the largest work-life balance provider in Germany, the pme Familienservice Group.

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