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Mindance is your mental coach in every situation.

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As individual, as you are.

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Stress-management through Autogenic Training (SAT)

  • Form of self-hypnosis that promotes calm and deep relaxation by switching physical, autonomic functions (such as blood flow, pulse rate, breathing)
  • In addition to the rest formula, other basic level formulas include heaviness, warmth, a steady heartbeat, and calm breathing
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Stress management through mindfulness (AOSA)

  • Finding healthy ways to deal with stress and why mindfulness can help identify resources and deal with stress more constructively
  • Useful everyday exercises and meditations for a mindful attitude in everyday life to recognize and reduce stressors
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Stress Management Through Progressive Muscle Relaxation (SPMR)

  • Relaxation method that reduces stress and promotes relaxation by consciously tensing and relaxing certain muscle groups.
  • Long form of PMR, in which 17 muscle groups are tensed, as well as the short forms with 7 and 4 muscle groups respectively
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mindance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the pioneer and for 30 years the largest work-life balance provider in Germany, the pme Familienservice Group.

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