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We're rethinking mental health.

  • Start-up, now part of the pme Familienservice Group

    Mindance is a start-up founded in 2017 that has been part of the established, experienced and nationwide strong pme Familienservice Group with 2,000 employees since 2021.

  • Our mission

    Design a digital world for health promotion that is fun, inspiring, nurturing, relaxing, and provides direct access to human support.

  • We as a team

    A young, very dedicated and motivated team that works on the Mindance world every day with full conviction and verve. We work remotely and always live - the main thing with a lot of humanity, cohesion and fun in the team.

  • Our secret of success

    Never with the feeling that the status quo is good enough, but to keep our product dynamic. Our customers are our incentive and our development partners.

    Founded in 2017
    Part of the pme Familienservice Group since 2021
    10 team members
    2023 Relaunch of the brand, website and product for even more benefit for our customers


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mindance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the pioneer and for 30 years the largest work-life balance provider in Germany, the pme Familienservice Group.

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“Mindance is the leading provider in the mental health market. Mindance provides employees with proactive and evidence-based support to address stressors early.“

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Managing Director, Sebastian Hämmerl

Managing Director, Sebastian Hämmerl